Comfort Soft Plus® Cannulas

The revolutionary solution virtually eliminating ear ulceration associated with delivering oxygen therapy

The Total Solution For Maximizing Patient Comfort

Westmed is the first company to provide a total solution for maximizing patient comfort while virtually eliminating ear and facial pressure ulceration with the new family of Comfort Soft Plus® nasal oxygen cannulas!

Ear ulceration escalates from stage 1 to stage 4 due to the anatomy of the skin cartilage structure. These types of ulcerations require preventative intervention. The expense of skin breakdown that is associated with standard “PVC” nasal cannulas is now preventable by choosing cannulas and tubing from Westmed’s new proprietary material and revolutionary development in materials science.

The Comfort Soft Plus®

The unique elastomeric properties of Westmed’s over-the-ear Comfort Soft Plus® tubing minimizes friction and shear forces on the skin at all contact points. The tubing acts as a “strain relief” when a patient turns their head.

Available In Multiple Sizes And Colors

7′ Comfort Soft Plus® Adult Cannula

$5 – 5 Pack

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7′ High Flow, Comfort Soft Plus® Adult Cannula

$4.95 – 3 Pack

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7′ Comfort Soft Plus® Pediatric Cannula

$3.95 – 3 Pack

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  • Widely used and becoming a standard of care in hospital settings

  • Virtually eliminates ear sores

  • Eliminates the need for makeshift padding that traps perspiration and bacteria

  • No pain or pressure associated with head and face movement

  • Soft and highly elastic: relieves pressure on and behind the ears

  • Made from revolutionary biomedical elastomeric material