Comfort Soft Plus® Cannulas, Oxygen Accessories, and Nebulizers

“Excellent Quality.
Everyone using a cannula must have a
‘Comfort Soft Plus’ cannula for comfort and convenience.”

Fred N., Walnut Creek, CA

“I was hospitalized for 25 days and have been home continuing care for 3 weeks. During the entire time I have been on 24-hour oxygen. For the first few weeks I used a regular cannula. Then a nurse suggested Comfort Soft Plus because of sores that had formed in my nose. Your product is so much gentler and comfortable. It is terrific.”

James S., LaVerne, Ca

“My mother lives in St. Paul, MN and has discovered the Comfort Soft Plus cannula during a recent hospital visit. My mom is a full time oxygen user and struggles with wear on the back of her ears because of a skin disorder. The Comfort Soft Plus Cannula was the most comfortable cannula she has ever used.”

Tony D.

“I have never had sore ears or nose since
I have used Ref: 0556 cannulas.
Thank you!”

Karen B., Orange, CA

“I love your product! Consider me your salesperson;
I tell everyone about it and pass on your company name & phone number.
Kudos to you! Product well done!”

Shirley V., Maple Heights, OH